All songs written by Taylor Sorensen 

Produced by Andy Hunt ( and Taylor Sorensen 
Mixed and Engineered by Andy Hunt
Mastered by Sage Audio ( Nashville, TN

Taylor Sorensen - Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, Percussion, Background Vocals 

Dustin Ransom - Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Piano (

Stanton Edward - Lead Guitar (

Cort Clement - Guitar 

Tony Lucido - Bass (

Gabe Anderson - Bass on "Leaving Woman" 

Evan Weatherford - Lead Guitar on "Leaving Woman" 

Joy Todd, Amanda Fields (, Whitney Sorensen - Background Vocals 

Special thanks to: first and foremost my wife whose selfless, unbreakable support through the chaos and ups and downs of this process have been the steady foundation that have kept me sane and in the fight for this project; Paul Roper for his continued support, unbiased guidance and belief in the value of this music; Andy Hunt for knowing when to say yes and when to say no, and for his willingness to step into the quest to complete such a task as this; Derek Webb for his enthusiasm and encouragement, constant willingness to open his schedule and lend his invaluable wisdom and advice to me throughout this process. Thanks also to: Dustin Ransom, Stanton Edward, Tony Lucido and Cort Clement for not only lending your uncompromised talents to this album, but for being as professional as they come and making the recording process so easy and enjoyable; Tyler James and Ashley Wilcoxson for much free advice and guidance along the way; Joy Todd, Amanda Fields, Evan Weatherford, Gabe Anderson for sharing your talent and doing it so well; the cast of rotating members who are a part of the live band - Evan Redwine, Julie Melucci, Matt Scibilia, Jonathan Beam, Jon Murray, Jonathan Truman, Jeff Wood and all the others who have stepped in from time to time; the kind folks who have opened their homes and supported me by hosting house shows - Mark and Megan Davis, Amanda Danziger, Mark Eckel, Joel and Elphie Swanson, Brad and Kristin Riley, John and Lindsey Bamber, Andrew and Hillary Rummel; Trent and Cheran Sorensen for unbiased thoughts and opinions - sounding boards that always help to give me perspective; my parents and grandparents for teaching me the value of work ethic and finishing what you start; Andy and Sara Beth Cline and Nancy Waynick for encouragement and support in more ways than one; Sloane Southard for his gift of intentional writing. And, to all those I simply (and regretfully) can't remember who have given something along the way or offered help and encouragement, this is where I thank you. Of course, I would be a fool not to thank God for his grace and kindness in surrounding me with such grace-full and wonderful people such as these I've mentioned.